Kitchen cleaning made easy

In every household regular work is done – one of them is the cleaning of the kitchen. The kitchen is the space in the apartment, which is the center of everyday life with many families. Here they are cooked and baked, eaten together, littered with school bread and not infrequently also played and tied at the big table.

The kitchen shows traces of the daily life

Alone by the preparation of the meals can the kitchen quite pollute. The remains of the overcooked potato soup can be seen in the cooking area, and unsightly greasy spitters stick to the tiles. When the dishwasher is dripped, many things happen, and especially when children are part of the household, cocoa or juice is occasionally expected to be spilled. Whether it is a single or family-run family – the daily use of the kitchen pollutes it automatically and requires regular cleaning.

How often should you clean the kitchen?

Not only when the mother-in-law announces, or a girlfriend wants to preview a coffee, but you should also bring plaster and mop. The cleaning of the kitchen has top priority for hygienic reasons. Spills and non-wiped foods and sticky drinks can attract vermin and produce mold. The preparation of raw meat requires an immediate and thorough cleaning of the work surfaces as well as all used items, to avoid infection by salmonella. And who would like to have food remnants on the house shoes and then spread them on the expensive carpet in the living room? And last but not least, it looks just unattractive when the kitchen is dirty. Down crumbs and a stove, where you can read the menu of the last week,

Daily tasks in the kitchen

In principle, all spilled and jammed food and drinks should be immediately wiped clean. The work surfaces are wiped with a clean cloth several times a day – always after each use. Also, the used cooking field requires, as soon as it has cooled down, the use of a moist dishcloth. At least once a day, the sink is cleaned with a little detergent and hot water. The daily sweeping of the kitchen should be just as self-evident as the dishwashing of the used dishes. You may check out best garbage disposal reviews.

Weekly cleaning

At least once a week, it is necessary to clean the kitchen with a mop damp. Prior to this, work surfaces and open shelves are of course wiped out. A glance at the flow mirror clearly shows whether the housewife has to go to the factory here with detergent and cloth. The region around the hearth is typically more affected by grease and food spatter than the tiles behind the other work surfaces. Read also: Clean tiles with the steam cleaner

Monthly cleaning in the kitchen

Once a month you should pay attention to your hood. Change the metal grease filter and clean it either by hand or in the dishwasher. Also the housing (inside and outside) is good to be cleaned with water and dishwashing detergent. Cleaning at a 4-week rate prevents the grease from getting damaged and then being removed more easily. Once again, once a month, the top of the cabinets is the turn. These are freed from dust and wiped with warm water. Also the cleaning of the refrigerator is necessary every 4 weeks, otherwise dangers threatened by outdated food or spoiled food residues. Mold spores spread quickly and can be particularly dangerous for children and vulnerable people.

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