Press Release: Twitter Becomes An Online News Portal in 2017

26th June 2017, CKMNT News Release:

Since the use of social media has increased the social networking sites, have become more sophisticated, and their use has been increased to a larger extent. Twitter is a well-known medium of communication and is also one of the fastest medium and secure medium of spreading information.

Many News channels continuously update their Twitter accounts to spread information shared on their News channels, this helps people to be up to date about the happenings around the world as people now use social media more than any other medium. Now the question is that there are many other social networking sites then why Twitter is preferred more? The answer is the credibility of Twitter, Twitter is secured and its security policies make it difficult to be hacked. Secondly, it is easy to access Twitter anytime if the internet is available and thirdly the information spreads in seconds on Twitter, surely this is also because of the credibility of Twitter and people have faith that Twitter accounts are official and the information shared it is correct.

Many prominent personalities including politicians and presidents of several states have their personal Twitter accounts, Buy Twitter Followers USA, and they update and stay connected to their people as well as with people around the world. Twitter is increasing connectivity among people, recently Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau answered to a tweet confirming a girl from Pakistan that he does personally answer the tweets. Now, this is not the case with other social networking applications mainly because those applications are less secure and have multiple fake pages and account making them less credible than twitter, people usually do not prefer or believe information shared on such sites.

A hashtag is a tool for collecting information

Hashtags are a good tool for gathering all the information related to a single topic on Twitter on just a single click, making it mire easy for people to know about the facts related to a particular topic. Hashtags are also used in other social networking applications including Facebook and Instagram.

Interesting information is retweeted by people on Twitter and the information spreads, official Twitter pages cannot share fabrications or something they are not confident at because it will deceive thousand and millions of people on Twitter.

Authenticity of News sources

Twitter is known for more authenticity, lesser rant and more reasonable discussion. Twitter have legitimate and genuine information or news which is shared with the individuals across the globe. Hence twitter keeps it users up to date with all the current affairs as every second the authentically information is updated on twitter via any news source, making hashtags go viral.

The News that mostly circulates on social media is not authentic and is propagated with specific agendas. However, Twitter is one example where news can be verified instantly. Because the sources from which the news circulates are more relevant. While the sources on other networking sites are usually random. That’s the reason twitter is more commonly known for news as compared to the other social networking sites. It is known because of its authenticity of sources.



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