The Business Culture of Abu Dhabi- Ever-welcoming and Generous

The very first thing to take into account when you want to establish a company in some new country is to know the business culture of that particular country. Every country has its business culture and etiquettes which are necessary to follow because the target customers are mostly the country’s natives.

UAE is a country with a diverse population. If you know the business culture of UAE, you will better able to retain long term relationships with the suppliers as well as the customers. When the tourists visit any country, they want to experience the ambience of the culture of that country.

Have you ever noticed that most of the shops in Dubai had got a sheesha and a Camel sculpture or decoration piece in their displays?  These little things depict the culture of the country. These are the symbols of their primitive lives from which they progress to become a developed country.

Abu Dhabi Business Culture 

Do you know what Arabs have other than petroleum and money? They have etiquettes, humbleness, and cheerfulness. Above all, they have cultural values. They are warm, friendly and welcoming.

Abu Dhabi serves as a business centre for almost all the countries of the world. Having such a spectacular location is fateful. The T shape city has a benefit that it is easily connecting to all the Middle East countries. Abu Dhabi’s culture is diverse as its people, but some common elements must be known to a person who is trying to have a company set up in Abu Dhabi.

The common elements of the Abu Dhabi’s business culture include the following:

Gentle Handshake and Nose Greetings

First and foremost, it is important to know that if you are not a UAE national you cannot do business in Abu Dhabi as a sole proprietor. You need a UAE natural person who is ready to own 51% of the shares in the company. The Arabs greeting style is different. While you are on willing to establish a partnership relationship with the person greets him with the gentle handshake and brings your nose closer to your desired future business partner. This is how business people meet in Abu Dhabi. Other citizens in Abu Dhabi follow the same greeting pattern.

Giving Presents is not a bribe

Some European and American countries prohibit the exchange of gifts during business meetings. Whereas, if you are planning to set up a company in Abu Dhabi, bring gifts for your partners, suppliers and sometimes for the clients too. Exchanging gifts is a gesture of courteousness.

Weekly Holiday

As Abu Dhabi is one of the regions of Middle East the country has announced Friday as a holiday for a week and the weekend begins from Wednesday’s night. Thursdays and Fridays are officially off.

Don’t use topics like…

Whether it is a business meeting, formal communication, or an informal session; don’t discuss the government, politics, and relationship with the USA. The corporate culture also does not favour these topics; no matter how much you get friendly with the particular Abu Dhabi’s person.

Company Set up in Abu Dhabi

Look for the opportunities to promote your company or partnership business in Abu Dhabi. The department of economic development frequently announces golden chances for the foreign investors.

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