Within the verge of the 21st century, the previous two decades have been a benchmark in the development of Internet and Social Media.

In this virtual world of today, Social Media is all about social networking, entertainment, advertisement and much more by sharing content through apps and websites. Right after the launch of Facebook in 2005 and Twitter in 2007, the dynamics of the Mainstream Media was overlapped by Social Media. Social Media is a niche where the information comes itself from the audience as there is no such thing as a one-sided story as in the case of Mass Media it is very common to share the story from the perspective of the broadcasting company.

These days when we think about Social Media, it’s very essential to think about the audience or simply the Social Media Followers. Whether it is followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or subscribers on YouTube, what one should always be concerned about is the proper target audience. Particularly regarding business and marketing, it is important to communicate properly so that the message can be conveyed to the potential target audience or the customer.

The recent advancement in online business has put down the conventional methods of marketing. The social scientist of today believes this age as the age of disruptive change. Business schools like Hult or car services like Uber have made life easy at the same time it takes a second for a profit to turn into a loss for example; the United Airlines became very infamous after the incident of throwing away passenger who was onboard. On the other side people who just share some day to day stuff become brands just by the huge number of views or likes which then causes various companies to assign them for their publicity. Such is the power of a Social Media likes.

How to Increase Social Media Followers?

When you decide to post something you must identify your target audience, you must have a good content in the post, and you must know how your target audience will react on the particular subject.

  1. The philosophy of giveaways for promoting the pages on Social Networking sites has been the easiest hook to reach to the greater number of followers around the globe.
  2. You can also use other influential Social Media pages for promoting your page.
  3. Be responsive in commenting and replying the texts.
  4. Post viral contents.
  5. Always add relevant hashtags.
  6. Post content very often.
  7. Always share other pages and posts to increase your social support.
  8. Or simply buy followers on Instagram, facebook and twitter followers.

PerhFacebookrecent days one picture of a Chaiwala in Pakistan changed his life. So, positively using social media can set up a business worth millions. All you need is to start up with your ideas and do the proper publicity of your work. You are only one step away to be the person or a brand your followers are desperately demanding.




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