Travel guide to Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with green hills, castle and friendly locals. There are several cities you must visit when travelling to Ireland. If you are interested in ancient history than Ireland is the best place for a visit. Travel ideas by Ibn Battuta to visit this place is giving by many people.

Boyne Valley of Ireland:

It is designed as world heritage site. It contains Ireland most historic sites and monuments. It features the tombs, which are the graves that of the ancient time. These tombs are older than the Stonehenge in England and Giza in Egypt. This one of the historical place. It looks peaceful today, but things were different in 1690. Two rivals of the British armies clashed on the Irish soil. History is one thing, but Boyne Valley is home to much thriving heritage towns such as to naval and kells. This valley also has restaurants, bars, galleries and traditional music. Whenever you visit Ireland confuse to which place to visit then travel ideas for Boyne Valley is a good idea.

Ring of Kerry:

Ring of Kerry covers all images of Ireland including romantic castles, ancient monuments, gardens and colorful villages and town. The outstanding scenery, ancient buildings, charming locales attract many tourists to this place. The ideal view in our minds about Ireland as greenery and natural beauty comes to reality when we come to this place. Drive to Kerry gives you eye-catching views, breathtaking scenery and lakes rich flora yellow hills and beaches. This region heritage and culture is in the place, stones and archaeology sites.

The ring of Kerry is famous for its culinary foods such as local cheese food, shellfish, seafood, lamb and the home made bread. The town in Kerry named as Kenmare have many good and high-end restaurants. The area also has art galleries and craft shops. This place is best to spend holidays. This area has routes you can do cycling and walk, driving and all other adventures sport. Good travel idea to considering this place.

Moher cliffs:

The most famous place of Ireland, breathtaking views on the whole island. It covers almost 5 miles and rises up to 702 feet. The fantastic view you can see from here are Aran Island, Galway Bay, Maum Turk Mountains. The landscape and seascape are the most visited place by the visitors. More than 1 million people visit this place. Good travel ideas are to visit this place.

Famous foods of Ireland:

The one who visits Ireland should try this food to enjoy the full visit of this place.

Soda bread:

Every family in Ireland have a different recipe  for soda bread. Some like it sweet, with honey and sugar topped with the dried fruits. While other like it with oats, sprinkled seeds. But the main ingredients remain the same. One should always try this when a visit to Ireland.

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